​NJ SA Intergroup meetings are held at St. Luke's Church. 10 Oak Street, Metuchen (Library) 3rd Monday of Every Month at 7:30PM.

SA Intergroup of NJ serves the members of Sexaholics Anonymous throughout the  state of New Jersey. Intergroup hosts regional and international conferences, publishes meeting lists, distributes literature, creates and supports SA-related web sites, and maintains a support line.

Mission Statement

NJ SA Intergroup is a committee representing all SA groups in the state of New Jersey. It fully endorses the definition of sexual sobriety and the Twelve Steps and Traditions contained in the ''White Book'' of Sexaholics Anonymous.

It is especially sensitive that anonymity is the spiritual foundation of all its traditions. Its primary purpose is to support sexual sobriety by promoting increased opportunities for service by local groups as a whole and individual members.

NJ SA Intergroup is committed to carry "the message" to professional organizations, institutions, church groups, and other 12 Step programs located in New Jersey.

It is also committed to enhancing communications with and among local SA and S-Anon groups while preserving the independence of such groups. Intergroup also takes the lead in organizing statewide events for its members and representing New Jersey at regional, national and international events.

Responsibilities of NJ SA Intergroup
- Meets monthly
- Sponsors state-wide and international conferences & events
- Publishes a meeting list of all SA groups in New Jersey

- Sends delegate to Regional meetings. (MAR)
- Operates a help line and website
- Undertakes an educational initiative to inform professional
     organizations, churches, institutions, and other 12 Step groups about SA
- Provides SA-approved literature to all local groups and others upon request without shipping costs

Assists in the promotion and development of new SA groups Serves as a "sounding board" when situations threaten group unity at the local level.

You do not need to be a groups Intergroup member to attend Intergroup meetings. ANYONE is welcome, anytime!

Click here to download the literature price list.

Effective 6/10/14: The full version of the NJ Meeting List is no longer available online. If you wish to contact a specific meeting, please contact us and we will help you.

SA of New jersey Intergroup